What Should Rich Singles Do When Dating Tinder Over 50 Online?

 tinder over 50

Tindercom is the most popular dating site around today. Even rich singles over 50 have heard of the app. The simplicity of having very short profiles and a focus on profile pictures makes the app enjoyed by almost everyone. With swiping to indicate whether you like someone or not, you also cut down on a lot of time spent working.

For those on Tinder over 50 they will notice a few things though. The site is generally designed for the younger crowd, but that can be countered. As can the fact that the tinder site can be difficult to find real matches if you are one of the many rich singles out there. Let’s take a look at what rich singles should do when they are using Tinder online.

Tinder Over 50 Profile Pictures

Tinder singles using Tinder online over 50 need to set up a good profile, especially if they are rich. One of the most important things is to get some quality photos for your profile. Because you want to seem like an average Tinder single you will want to have photos that are high-quality but don’t show anything wealthy. Appearing rich in photos won’t attract quality matches.

Studies have shown that you get better matches on dating apps when you have photos of you being genuinely happy. Take photos of yourself doing things you love and with your animals.

Besides smiling, you can get more matches with your photos by not using neutral colors. Look for colors that pop out to users. Especially colors that compliment your eyes and body. Avoid these colors: black, gray, dark blue, white, and beige.

A great idea to get good photos is to have a friend come over and spend some time taking photos. There is no need to have an expensive camera as most smartphones have amazing cameras onboard, many of them even have smart features to help capture the perfect photo. Don’t use fancy filters or add anything unusual to the photo.

Something to keep in mind is that more pictures typically means that you will get more matches. Start out with a good number of photos and then continue to add to your profile pictures. Adding a new photo every month will help to ensure that you have an up-to-date appearance on the platform and help you build up the total number of photos that you have.

Tinder Profile Description

Don’t skip the biography.

The other part of your Tinder profile that you need to set up is your text area. Here you want to take time to craft something catchy. A joke or a funny line about yourself is one of the best ways to catch someone’s attention. Don’t mention your work, money, or other things that have to do with wealth.

Making someone else laugh increases the chances they will swipe that they like you.

Tinder Online is full of different profiles. One thing that you can do is look through other profiles to get an idea of what other people put. Reddit can also be very helpful, there are a number of Reddit profiles where you can get help with Tinder and setting up profiles.

Consider Carefully Before Connecting Your Facebook

When picking out photos you will be given the option to use Facebook as a connected site and to share photos from this site to Tindercom. Be careful doing this as you will have to make sure that photos that use wealth aren’t posted on your Tinder com. Generally, we recommend just uploading photos from your phone to Tinder for rich singles.

Provide Them With Talking Points

When crafting your profile, you want to provide your potential matches with talking points. Have something crafty in your written bio that they can comment on. A good example of this is a hobby that they can ask you about.

Another way to create talking points is with photos that are eye-catching and full of energy. Do you like climbing? Through up some awesome climbing photos. Are you a paintballer? Show that.

The more talking points that you add to your profile, the easier it will be to carry a conversation with someone on Tinder or any other dating site. When you message someone on Tinder make sure that you use their profile to find talking points about them. People love to know that you spent time looking at their profile.

Come Up With Great Messages

Part of making matches with other Tinder singles and rich singles is to craft great messages for your first message. You don’t want to write an essay but you want to have a great opening line. Don’t take too long to craft your message. Don’t take more than a couple of hours unless the person swipes yes in the middle of the night.

With GIF keyboards on most phones, you can add a GIF to your message but it is usually great to add a personalized message. Good use of the GIF keyboard is to search for GIFS that are somehow related to the person that you are messaging, this can help to personalize the GIF. People want to know that you put some work into the message.

Just like with setting up your profile, there are plenty of great places to get help with your messages. Reddit’s R/TinderPickupLines is a great example.

Sunday Is The Time for Tinder Dating Online

Sunday is the time where most people are on Tinder looking for matches. If you want to get the most out of Tinder singles, login on Sundays and swipe. Out of Sunday, the best time is the evenings. People want a distraction to keep them from thinking of work.

Consider Super Likes

The Super Like option on Tinder may seem corny at first but it actually works. People love to feel special and when someone uses a limited super like, they feel like they have stood out from the crowd. Some sources say that you are up to 3 times as likely to make a match when you use a Super Like.

Remember To Be Safe When Dating Tinder Over 50

Being safe when dating online is important, even for Tinder over 50. You might find that people are quick to ask to move Tinder conversations to text messages or Snapchat. Unless you feel comfortable with the person don’t leave the Tinder app. Tinder online has better blocking than many apps because it is difficult for someone to create a second account just to talk with you.

When it comes to meeting rich singles of Tinder it is also important to meet in public the first time. You want to make sure that both parties are safe but also that both parties are comfortable. Meeting in a private area might make one party uncomfortable, even if they aren’t willing to speak up right away.

Tinder online is a great place to start looking for rich singles or to find a partner as a rich single. There are so many people that use Tinder around the world that you will always be able to find a match. Crafting the right profile and using these tips will help to speed up that process and ensure that you find the right person.

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